Horrible heroes

Recently, it has come to my attention that Obama’s Communications Director Anita Dunn is, in fact, a communist. Apparently, she considers Mao Tse-Tung and Mother Teresa two of her favorite “political philosophers.” Mao, of course, was the wicked revolutionary who toppled the free Chinese government following World War II and implemented communism over that gigantic nation. Mao thereby founded the People’s Republic of China, which is arguably America’s arch-nemesis in the present era. He also propped up North Korea during the Korean War, killing thousands of Americans, and later killed millions of his own citizens.

Try to imagine a politician calling Joseph Stalin (or Adolph Hitler) or even Fidel Castro one of his “favorite political philosophers” — a source of historical inspiration whom he has chosen to “turn to most.” The idea is absolutely absurd.

Mother Teresa, of course, was not a politician but rather worked toward charity. We should, of course, consider the context of Anita’s praise for Mother Teresa. By referring to her as a “political philosopher,” presumably Ms. Dunn means that socialistic governments should coerce others into acting “charitably.” (Incidentally, I doubt that Mother Teresa considered Mao Tse-Tung one of her “favorite political philosophers.”)

Anyway, if you just look around, it’s pretty obvious that the United States of America has really gone to the dogs. Sixty years ago, people could lose their careers for even hinting that they held communist sympathies. Yes, America had liberals like Lyndon Johnson, and yes, liberals do not differ much from communists — but they at least pretended to differ! Back then, communist sympathies were considered shameful. Nowadays, the communists have emerged from the closet. Instead of hiding in shame, they parade through the streets. They even run our government.

Anyway, my life kinda sucks right now because despite the fact that it’s Fall Break, I’m having to spend the weekend writing a twenty-page paper about “behavioral economics” (which is actually kind of a liberal subject itself, but that topic will have to wait for another day). Nonetheless, I saw this breaking news and felt compelled to comment. Communists have taken over our government, and I’m just about ready to revolt.


1 Response to “Horrible heroes”

  1. 1 Wintery Knight October 21, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    I;m sorry that you have to write the long paper, Drew. But look at it this way: it you work very hard, you could be President one day and fix this place up!

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