And now a word from our sponsor…

I have decided lately that Best Buy has terrible deals. It really may be the one of the worst stores ever. When I went there back when I needed to write my paper the weekend before last, after my lame laptop power adapter broke and almost electrecuted me to death.

They’ll sell you a  universal adapter at Best Buy…for $100 or more! On ebay, you can get those for less than $20, with free shipping.

I looked at some other items as well. Digital recorders were $60 ($20 on Ebay). Wireless adapters, $50-60 PLUS TAX ($17 on Ebay, with no sales tax). Even fifty-foot ethernet cables at Best Buy cost $37 (plus tax). On Ebay, you can get a one HUNDRED-foot cable for $9 with free shipping.

I haven’t done extensive comparisons on computer prices yet. Nonetheless, preliminary investigation suggests that you can get significantly better deals for them online as well. And the funny thing is, you can go to Best Buy and look at their store prices, and then get on the computers they have set out and check the prices on Ebay. Haha, man I’m smart.

Ebay, definitely the way to go.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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