People whine too much about insurance

Frequently, emotional individuals will whine about how insurance companies often refuse to cover “pre-existing conditions.” I noticed, for example, that they even made this jab against the insurance companies in the latest Saw movie. I personally have always detested this type of whining.

Will people ever stop a moment to think about these matters logically? Buying health insurance is a gamble. The customer gambles that he will get sick, and the company gambles that the customer will stay healthy. If the customer gets sick, he wins and the company loses. But now we have the socialists who want companies to pay for people with pre-existing conditions — i.e., people who are already sick!

Ann Coulter made an interesting point today about the new socialized medicine bill being passed by the Senate. Since the bill forces the insurance company to cover pre-existing conditions, she asked, why not just hold off buying insurance until you get sick? You may as well wait until you get hit by a bus, and then buy some “insurance” to get the company to pay for it.

(Of course, common sense would dictate that such “insurance” would simply cost the same as paying out-of-pocket expenses. But Democrats will not allow such market interactions or common sense.)

But oh yeah, I forgot:  Under the new bill, the government will fine you and put you in jail if you fail to buy insurance. Welcome to the land of the free and home of the brave!


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