Just stop!

I once met a man at a gun store who proposed that Congress should just stop assembling. Every day Congress continues working, it just seems to make things worse. This idea of limiting congressional sessions struck me as incredibly wise. In Tennessee, the General Assembly is a “citizen legislature” based on this idea. It only meets for part of the year. In some states, I have heard that their legislatures only meet every other year. We should make Congress that way. As Mark Levin has said, every day Congress meets, you lose a little more of your liberty.

In the eighteenth century, a few world leaders arose who came to be known as “Enlightened Monarchs.” These leaders strove to govern their countries virtuously, rationally, and in ways that allowed for greater freedom than generally found in more traditional despotisms. Democratic-leaning philosophers tended to embrace and praise these leaders, and these wise leaders tended to embrace democratic ideals.

Unfortunately, whereas we may occasionally find a single virtuous ruler come to power, the law of large numbers predicts that we will never, ever, in a million years see an Enlightened Conress. The odds of one virtuous individual are small enough. The odds of 535 righteous rulers at once are about the same probability as humans evolving from apes.

Of course, I am absolutely not suggesting that we re-establish a monarchy. What I am saying is that we should curtail the powers held by our current leaders. We should not treat them as monarchs because mathematically, they are certain to act (at best) as mediocre monarchs. For example, the congressmen are mostly dimwits at present. There is zero chance that the Congress will ever become “enlightened.”

And then as this mediocrity piles upon mediocrity over the years, the U.S. Code lengthens, the bureaucracy and welfare states expand, and the Constitution shrinks.


2 Responses to “Just stop!”

  1. 1 jerry December 28, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    wow, I came over from wintery’s site expecting a site filled with posts whining about how the right is opressed by the rest of the world – I have to admit that I really like and agree with most everything you have posted up and I like your writing style….great job

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