The six million dollar computer

So I was walking to class last Thursday — after the jackals at my school failed to cancel classes despite all the snow (yes, I am thinking about suing!) — when I slipped on a patch of ice. I initially didn’t think I hit the ground that hard, but that may have been because my computer case broke my fall. I was already annoyed just by having to come to class, and then when I opened up my laptop I saw that the monitor was broken! So then I was even more annoyed.

By this point in time, I feared that my computer was gone for good. Numerous parts had already ceased functioning. But I had a plan:  I would rebuild him. I had the technology. I would rebuild my computer better, stronger, faster. Okay, maybe not faster.

But now my Sony Vaio computer continues to function after almost three years. It’s, like, totally a good deal. All it has taken is a new battery, an external mouse, an external keyboard, an external CD drive, an external USB hub, and now an external monitor. And for good measure I’ve also been using external speakers, because the Sony Vaio speakers were pretty soft and weak anyway. But NOW, my computer will live on. My computer is kinda like the Six Million Dollar Man, or Darth Vader.

These things will just keep goin’ forever if you keep replacing parts…I think.


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