Demented morality

Demented morality means making a moral claim that has absolutely no link to God’s truth. Examples would include suggesting that society owes all sick people free medicine, or that insurance companies must provide health “insurance” to people who are already sick. I know some rather illogical people with proclivities to defend ObamaCare. Generally, they take their positions based on a healthy dose of emotions combined with a side of demented morality.

I shall touch only briefly on the inherent absurdity of leftist morals. That is, if humans have a moral right to free medicine — as Nancy Pelosi seemed to argue in her speech endorsing the ObamaCare bill — then how can we withhold this right from the rest of the world? The leftists pretend that their new system will exclude illegal immigrants, but how can we exclude illegal immigrants if they have a human (God-given?) right to free medicine? Under the leftist paradigm, we should be paradropping free stuff out to the third world to make sure our wealth does not exceed the wealth of the third world. Most leftists do not actually advocate this practice, however. I think they fail do advocate these positions because, secretly, they realize the inherent absurdity of their demented morality.

More blatant than the self-contradictions are the raw numbers. Right now, the United States GDP is approximately $14,260,000,000,000. Unfortunately, the national debt is $12,700,000,000,000. Simply dividing that latter number by the first number yields a quotient of 89%. That means however much you earn each year (assuming you still have a job), you as an American citizen owe 89% of it to America’s creditors. If you make $100,000 each year, then please congratulate yourself on your $89,000 debt.

Sadly, these numbers are probably a bit too optimistic. That is, we could multiply the 89% quotient with our incomes in a reasonably just universe. But this is America in the Twenty-First Century! In reality, most of the people with lower incomes barely pay any taxes, anyway. They certainly will not be responsible for paying off the debt. The people responsible will be the productive, high-earning individuals whom the government has already targeted for robbery. Thus, it would probably make sense to increase that quotient a good bit when calculating the productive citizens’ average debt — maybe increasing the quotient to, say, 120% or more. So actually, if you make $100,000, you owe $120,000 to America’s creditors. Of course, make sure to add on your student loans, mortgages, and all other personal debt onto that figure!

Once a person owes more in debt than he actually makes in a year, it is generally accepted that his situation is a bad one.

This brings us to a more important point than the inherent contradiction in leftist philosophy:  That is, we simply cannot afford to let the plunder continue. The demented moralists can play toward our sympathetic instincts all day long with pictures of the poor sick people who desperately need medicine. But even if we assumed that this sympathy were always warranted, and that we should never hold people responsible people for their own laziness or foolish financial decisions — even then, the demented morality still fails. It fails because with or without emotion, it simply CANNOT WORK. In tort law, courts will generally recognize varying degrees of responsibility based on age, education, and other factors. As a matter of common sense, we do not hold a small child to the same standard of care to which we would hold an adult, or to which we would hold a doctor when he treats a patient. We hold people accountable to morals they can feasibly fulfill. Only a fool would judge someone for something he was incapable of performing. We, as a society, are incapable of implementing socialist goals. Stop judging us with your demented morality!

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