More mediocrity

So last week, two developments occurred. First, the University of Tennessee decided to allow its athletes to retain their human right to self-defense after receiving a stern talking-to from Rep. Stacey Campfield. Second, Barack Obama spoke about his willingness to allow domestic drilling for oil off the coast of Virginia.

Both authorities evaded the opportunity for real greatness. Although refraining from robbing students of their rights even further, UT officials nonetheless stood absolutely adamant in their prohibition of legal guns on campus. While Obama rhetorically agreed to take one useful step, his one useful step was mainly a token gesture.

Obama has taken no effort to reverse his enviro-socialist stance against drilling on land, or off Alaska, or any of the other offshore locations which he previously blocked. Republican Congressman Joe Barton also made an additional point about Obama’s proposal: “It won’t do any good if Minerals Management Service and the Environmental Protection Agency drag their feet and throw up one procedural roadblock after another.” When you control the bureaucracy, it is easy to say one thing while doing another.

In any case, Obama would merely be reversing the overly-restrictive stance that he took previously. Take away many of our liberties, and then give only a few back to us. We will cheer you! Congress already allowed the offshore drilling ban to expire in 2008. How exactly does Barack Obama even get any say in whether we can drill at this point?? Give us a real president — one who won’t invent his own laws without congressional votes.

Overall, it is difficult to coerce wisdom. After people take actions that are truly stupid, it’s frequently possible to shame them into doing something resembling wisdom. But usually their lame attempt at reformation will mean nothing in the long run. With his polls at their lowest levels with taking office, Obama needed to do something popular before moving on to his next tyrannical scheme — which is probably a global warming tax on the air we exhale. Most of the public supports off-shore drilling, but not just limited to one state! What we really need is to let some of these people hit rock bottom and then demonstrate genuine repentence.


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