BP’s pact with Satan

Many people hate BP now, but I was boycotting BP even before this whole oil spill debacle started. I refused to frequent their gas stations — because I couldn’t stand their idiotic “Beyond Petroleum” commercials, which promoted the global warming scam among other enviro-fascist schemes. Although the disaster is obviously a tragedy for our country, it absolutely delights me that the company involved just happens to be BP. Hopefully this accident will send those jackals over the cliff for good.

Heh, maybe they spent so much money telling us how bad oil was that they didn’t have any left to follow all the safety protocols. More leftist hypocrisy and idiocy.

Recently people have begun reporting that not only was BP run by European leftists and not only were they airing those stupid commercials, but all along they were funding Democratic politicians and actively supporting global warming taxes. Barack Obama himself received $1 million dollars from them.

When will these fools learn the great difficulty in allying with tyranny? Poisonous serpents do not make good pets. As soon as they get the chance they will bite you. Why would any oil company think they could deal with someone who despises human progress? The moment Obama needed someone to attack, he through them under the bus.

The moment Obama got the chance, he extorted $20 billion from BP without a trial, even though legally it was questionable whether they could be held liable for that much. For all we know, a terrorist could have blown up the oil rig, but now Obama has declared them guilty of…something…so there we have it. Congressman Joe Barton apologized to BP on Thursday for Obama’s $20 billion “shakedown,” and he was right to call it that. The funny thing is that we have Obama extorting this money, despite the fact that Obama himself seems to be either intentionally or negligently delaying various efforts at containing the spill. Talk about biased arbiters.

Ultimately, I suppose people ally with the devil simply because they are depraved — and because their depravity makes them stupid. Wickedness destroys. Anyway, BP deserves to get bitten. They’ve had it coming for a while. As far as I’m concerned, this scenario couldn’t have happened to a better company.


2 Responses to “BP’s pact with Satan”

  1. 1 skippingwork August 31, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Your comment about doubting the reality of global warming referring to it as a scam baffles me. Perhaps your dislike for Gore and disdain for B.P. tv commercials, which are mostly marketing b.s., has stilted your opinion.

  2. 2 Drew August 31, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    The main reason I dislike both Gore and BP is because of their support for the global warming scam. Even if the world is warming at all — which is itself a tad questionable, given the inaccuracy of many of the temperature measurements — it’s probably due to solar activity. The world has been hotter in the past than it is now, even before we had cars or factories.

    And all that said, even if the world did warm a bit and keep on warming because we were causing the warming, there are parts of the world that are arguably too cold already so the warming probably would not constitute a problem. I don’t really care to get into a scientific debate about it here at present, but if you’re interested in the issue then there’s multitude of material on the subject at Watt’s Up with That.

    Part of me actually does question whether Gore himself (much less BP) even believes in global warming, given that he doesn’t follow his own advice about living a carbon neutral lifestyle. But overall, I suspect that he does believe in it on some level but just isn’t willing to sacrifice anything.

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