Intentional stupidity regarding illegal immigration

Resident jackass Stephen Colbert has decided to team up with illegal aliens in a challenge for the American unemployed. His challenge is for unemployed Americans to come take farm jobs from illegal immigrants.

Those who have done the job have some words of advice for applicants: First, dress appropriately.

During summer, when the harvest of fruits and vegetables is in full swing in California’s Central Valley, temperatures hover in the triple digits. Heat exhaustion is one of the reasons farm labor consistently makes the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ top ten list of the nation’s most dangerous jobs.

Second, expect long days. Growers have a small window to pick fruit before it is overripe.

And don’t count on a big paycheck. Farm workers are excluded from federal overtime provisions, and small farms don’t even have to pay the minimum wage. Fifteen states don’t require farm labor to be covered by workers compensation laws.

Any takers?

Well just leave it to the dimwit leftists to make vocal fools of themselves through their ignorance of a basic economic principle. Specifically, Colbert apparently fails to understand that the quantity of labor supplied will always depend on the level of wage offered. That is why, for example, a business can get more employees when it raises prices (or alternatively, higher-quality employees). Really, it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to grasp this stuff. Some people are just willfully ignorant.

If the illegal immigrants were gone, then the businesses would lose their laborers. As a result, they would have to raise their wages, and then American workers would shift over to that industry. But this wage result will not occur simply from Stephen Colbert’s idiotic “challenge” to Americans, because if the illegals are still around, their presence will always create a safety valve for farm employers, and these employers will never experience a true shortage of laborers. Shortages are what raises prices. A shortage of labor will raise wages.

But the stupidity of the leftists continues:

“The reality is farmworkers who are here today aren’t taking any American jobs away. They work in often unbearable situations,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t think there will be many takers, but the offer is being made. Let’s see what happens.”

Unbearable conditions which warrant greater pay. Greater pay that many of these Mexican illegals would themselves hold out for if they were legal. A lot of these guys do indeed have a strong work ethic, but part of the reason why their work ethic seems artificially strong is because illegal immigrants are scared of being deported. They cannot go out into the open and get the best jobs, because doing so would expose them. Because of their legal disadvantage, they have an economic disadvantage with regard to wages. That means they have to accept low pay. They tend to congregate in industries that are disorganized and hard to regulate, and then once they congregate, the prices get driven down. Again, the prices are driven down perhaps partly due to a work ethic, but also largely because of fear.

If you make the illegals legal, they will stop doing these “jobs that Americans just won’t do” because…SURPRISE, THEY’LL BE AMERICANS.

Granted, these economic factors are not the most important reason to expel the illegal aliens. The most important reason is to maintain American sovereignty. A society simply cannot survive when millions of poorly educated, unassimilating foreigners invade its borders each year. An American must understand and pledge loyalty to the Constitution, to American society, and to American values. But Stephen Colbert hasn’t bothered to make a fool of himself yet with regard to the sovereignty issue, so I won’t delve more deeply into it at present.

According to the Labor Department, three out of four farm workers were born abroad, and more than half are illegal immigrants.

The Labor Department is aware of this startling statistic with regard to an entire industry, and yet they aren’t doing anything about it whatsoever. Boy, we sure are getting a lot of use out of our government bureacracies and agencies, aren’t we?


4 Responses to “Intentional stupidity regarding illegal immigration”

  1. 1 Foxfier June 25, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    *dryly* So glad to know my dad’s entire family, up to his grandfather (who came over from Scotland to get into farming and ranching) are working in unbearable situations.

    Guess the ranch hands we’ve had– pay isn’t much, but a house and a cow’s worth of beef a year are included– were also exploited. By whom, one wonders….
    (Oddly, we get mostly white employees, because we only hire legal folks and legal Hispanics get hired on at the orchards instead. Being willing to move around, stay with family or live 15 to a small apartment is the only way to get around the “protection” laws that shut down the picker cabins.)

    Another problem with getting folks to work on farms and ranches that I’ve seen is that a lot of folks who are unemployed live in cities. Easy access to government help, but doesn’t do much for my folks trying to find new ranch hands.

  2. 2 Ilíon June 26, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    My father grew up as a share-cropper in the South. Somehow, he managed to buy his own land at the age of 16. Though, it must be said, that at the time the land was next to worthless, being in the Ozarks and covered with old-growth (never cut) forest.

    Still, he came north, abandoning his land (which he eventually gave to the county to help fund its school system). The low-level jobs he worked in the north were worth more to him than what he’d had before.

  3. 3 Gino June 26, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    “An American must understand and pledge loyalty to the Constitution, to American society, and to American values.”

    what are these ‘american values’?

  4. 4 Drew June 27, 2010 at 12:56 am

    Self-reliance, capitalism, freedom, representative government and the rule of law are the main ones. The type of stuff they require *legal* immigrants to actually learn before they can come over. But beyond the general values, immigrants must also learn the Constitution itself and pledge loyalty to it and to American society. (This generally requires learning some history as well, so they will know what specific society they are pledging loyalty to.) They have to learn and pledge that stuff, and then they need to have some time living among real Americans so they can actually put it into practice, learning it firsthand and solidifying it. For that reason you cannot let everyone immigrate at once who wants to. You can only bring so many newcomers in at once before you completely alter the fabric of society.

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