Yet another false accusation by another worthless woman

Al Gore is a wicked and stupid human being, absolutely. But it is also absolutely true that he is innocent of this recent sex charge made by the anonymous woman. I have come to this conclusion after reviewing the audio tape of his accuser’s statement. (I’ve listened to the whole thing, although only Part 1 seems to be available on Youtube.) From what I can tell, the tape records her reading the statement after she wrote it or perhaps dictated it to police.

Based on the language she uses, it’s obvious that she is making up this story. In fact, the falsity of the accusation seems so plain to me that I think any idiot ought to see it. Frankly, the wording reads more like some sort of warped romance novel than like an accurate memory of a crime victim. Besides the overly flower language, a few of the verb tenses are also off, and the (lack of) pronouns seems odd. Additionally, her justification for why she was unable to flee the room at the earliest opportunity does not sound particularly credible. Furthermore, her inappropriate laughter during the reading serves to underscore the woman’s depravity.

This woman should be put in prison for her false accusation. That, and Al Gore should sue her for slander or malicious prosecution. Heck, I’d offer to represent you, Al! That is, I would…except that this non-existent “incident” happened in Oregon and I don’t think I could practice there, and I don’t think I could get personal jurisdiction over the woman in Tennessee courts. I think it’s a disgraceful that these despicable state governments (i.e., Oregon) often let these worthless yentas get away with making these accusations anonymously. When we have come to the point where a successful, relatively popular man can be attacked like this with impunity by some anonymous attention-whore with a dirty mind, we have failed as a society.

But then again, Leftists like Al Gore do tend to push for these “woman-empowering” rape shield laws and such, so I guess Al Gore is kinda getting what he deserves. As I demonstrated a few posts back, I become rather happy when I see wicked Leftists experience the foreseeable results of their self-defeating policies.

What’s that, Captain Nanny-State “Protector of Women”? You don’t think women invent rape accusations? Listen to this one on Youtube, and hear for yourself!


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