Independence Day

As a holiday, I don’t think the Fourth of July was meant to promote a bland, generic patriotism toward America. When I speak of bland patriotism, I am referring to the type that says we should all be nice to each other and unify merely because we are all Americans. I am referring to the patriotism that fosters support for whatever path the country tends to be going down, or for whatever the government happens to be doing. I am even referring to the generic patriotism that requires us to unite behind the troops. After all, there are already two separate holidays dedicated to the military, and Christmas and other celebrations already promote the concept of brotherhood.

Actually, I do not think the Fourth of July is even primarily about America. Rather, the holiday is meant to celebrate an ideal, the ideal of freedom. It is called INDEPENDENCE DAY for a reason. On the Fourth of July, the Founders rebelled against tyranny. In their case specifically, they were dealing with foreign tyranny — although they quickly got to work restricting domestic tyranny as well. On the foreign front today, we have politicians bowing down at the altar of internationalism. They sign and promote the ratification of various worldwide treaties that strip Americans of their rights. They depend on world approval instead of remaining independent from it. Some traitors within our own judiciary have even taken to citing foreign law in their governance over us. These internationalists should be publicly rebuked on July Fourth, because they are subverting the independence that our Founders established with God’s assistance.

Certainly, it is always good to honor the nation that, as best I can tell, still remains the greatest on earth. But we can and should do that anyway — every day, not just on one holiday. The same goes for heaping praise on brave military warriors who risk their lives.

Freedom is what the holiday is truly about. In particular, Independence Day is about freedom from foreigners — although by implication, we should claim freedom from domestic tyrants as well. So overall, while fireworks are certainly fine and fun for celebrating this holiday, I think that to really celebrate your Independence Day, you should just go out and rebel against something that needs to be rebelled against. Hold our nation’s would-be masters’ feet to the fire. At the very least, we should take this day to stop caring what the evildoers think about us. Such fear and consensus-seeking only prevent our independence. And the next time any idiot suggests that our government adopt some leftist scheme because Europe and the various third world regimes support it, just pick up a rock and throw it at that person.

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