Destroy the monstrosities!

Given the somewhat authoritarian nature of government in Franklin, Tennessee, part of me wonders why they have not yet established traffic cameras. Granted, we do not need traffic cameras by any stretch of the imagination; you can barely drive a single mile in Franklin without coming across another cop. These noble enforcers of the public good are always fighting in opposition to serious crimes against humanity, such as speeding beyond the thirty-five-mph limits or staying in an intersection for an extra second after a light change. But anyway, for whatever reason, fortunately people in Franklin have been wise enough to reject the monstrosities that are traffic cameras…so far, at least.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that a red light camera is most likely to capture the individuals who barely miss the light but who are not a serious threat to public safety. If a driver perpendicular to me stays in the intersection a second or two extra, it might annoy me a little, but there is basically zero chance of my accelerating and running into him and getting into an accident. Conversely, if someone is so drunk or otherwise oblivious to the traffic light that they plow through a redlight at top speed and into a car, there is little likelihood that a red light camera would have focused their attention.

Meanwhile, there have been plenty of studies showing that red light cameras increase accidents. In one anecdotal case,

Typical Tacoma traffic– which means that there was a large truck forgetting what the lines are for, and more people on the road than I like– and the light changed faster than I expected; not on-a-dime stop, but definitely make-a-joke-about-how-the-breaks work quick.  Have maybe a second to look at Kit, asleep, in the rear view, realize that the pickup that had been beside/behind the truck is still moving a bit fast, and…. *rockrockrockrock*  Not a huge impact, but I could hear glass crack.

. . . .

Cruddy accident, he’s liable but, frankly, the fault lies in the @#$@# idiot in the refrigerator truck and the stoplight cameras. [emphasis added]

These monstrosities make driving a bane when it might overwise be a pleasure. They rob citizens for the purpose of enriching government officials and private companies while pretending to uphold the nanny-state value of absolute safety on the roads. This past year the General Assembly voted down efforts to abolish or even restrict these cameras. Any politician who opposed these efforts, regardless of party affiliation, needs to be thrown from office. And any of you nanny-state supporters of tyranny who continue supporting them just make me sick.

If I practiced law around Knoxville or some other fascist police state with traffic cameras, I would be highly tempted to publicly advertise the following:  FREE LEGAL SERVICES FOR ANYONE CHARGED WITH VANDALIZING TRAFFIC CAMERAS. I would advertise that message, but the only drawback would be that such an ad might conceivably get me charged with soliciting crime. Maybe I should research that. This is all hypothetical, of course.


3 Responses to “Destroy the monstrosities!”

  1. 1 Ilíon July 6, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    My opinion:

    Should there ever be a fascist/commie coup in America, it will be the civilian police, not the military, supplying the muscle.

  2. 2 Drew July 7, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    It’s a little hard to imagine either scenario, but the police do tend to be among the most authoritarian members of society. And of course, the courts and bureaucracy are the least democratic parts of our society, and they rely on the police rather than the military to enforce their edicts. The police will tend to obey unthinkingly.

    I think the sad thing is that it has become just about impossible for anyone to become a police officer for the noble purpose of fighting evildoers without first degrading his own soul. Before you get promoted to the point where you can actually combat murders and such, the higher-ups force you first to “patrol” the streets robbing your fellow citizens for petty “offenses” that should not actually be crimes. Only after you’ve spent years raking in income for the city government do you finally get the opportunity to be a real enforcer of justice — and by that point, your soul has already been at least somewhat corrupted by all the statism and mindless obedience.

  3. 3 Ilíon July 8, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    And of course, the courts and bureaucracy are the least democratic parts of our society, and they rely on the police rather than the military to enforce their edicts. The police will tend to obey unthinkingly.

    My point, exactly (though, as we’re not a democracy, I’d say they are the least representative, ot the least small-r republican).

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