Significant sign of a depraved society

It is a sign of a wicked and doomed society when ordinary citizens cannot bear to hear about the faults of their would-be masters.

“I think the voters have figured out that no matter how much money some guy spends, just because he’s wealthy and can run ads that slam the other guy doesn’t make him the right person to govern Florida,” said state Attorney General Bill McCollum, who is locked in a bruising Republican gubernatorial campaign against Scott.

Scott has spent almost $39 million of his own money on the campaign and for months has blanketed the state with his commercials, most attacking McCollum.

Danielle Foster, a businesswoman and mother from Tallahassee, said she was turned off by the negative tone of the race, though still cast her ballot on Tuesday.

We try not to watch as much television anymore because it’s so negative,” she said.

I hear this lame complaint by all kinds of people, and I am absolutely sick of it. Yes, let us all be positive all the time about everything. But then, I want to know why this woman is so negative about the political ads. She doesn’t sound very positive to me! Rather, she seems perfectly willing to vote against a politician who violates her code of ethics. It just turns out that her only ethic is to avoid running negative ads.

There is, of course, a sin that encompasses some negative ads (not all!). It is the sin of “lying.” But that doesn’t make negativity itself wrong; it just makes dishonesty wrong. In fact, positive ads can be plenty dishonest, too. These idiot voters today just don’t want to take the trouble of judging between right and wrong, and so they make judgmentalism their only supposed sin.

If a politician is corrupt, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT. And I want to vote him out — at the very least.


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