A couple events and thoughts

Last night a friend took me to see a concert performed by Zooey Deschanel, the co-star from the excellent M. Night Shyamalan movie The Happening (his redemptive work following The Village). I’m not normally real big on concerts, partly because they’re expensive and partly because I figure that a band sounds optimal on its official recordings and thus can only get worse when you hear them live. Nonetheless, she and her band  seemed rather talented and ultimately, I was thoroughly impressed.


I do think it’s a bit interesting how this old timey music seems to be making a come-back in certain circles. This song sounds a bit 50s-ish or possibly 70s-ish to me, but some of her stuff seems even older, like 20s-ish. Older music like this makes me wonder if modern people are reacting to the non-melodic (i.e., non-musical) excesses of many modern types of music, from country to rock and roll to rap — where volume and rhythm are glorified at the expense of genuine musical spirit. You can also hear this older type of music a lot on Apply commercials. I have noticed what is possibly a similar trend in the realm of dance. At least where I attended college, a surprising number of young people were becoming interested in old timey, more formalistic dance like swing dancing or salsa — again, perhaps as a reaction to modern, formless, hyper-sexualized hip-hop dancing.

Anyway, then today I had my interview with one of the Tennessee Bar people, the clerk of the local chancery court who apparently has a law degree. She seemed pretty nice. The interview is generally just a formality, I think, but anyway she officially has deemed me “not crazy” and “not unethical” and thus, good to go — assuming I passed that ridiculous test I took a month ago.


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