Fundamentalist earth worshipper reduces the human population by one

I haven’t posted yet about the Discovery Channel terrorist, but I do consider that event worthy of at least a brief mention at this time. When the standoff was still ongoing, my mom made the statement that the terrorist was obviously completely crazy — that he wanted human reproduction to cease, for example.

I suppose that in a way he was crazy — but not much more so than most rabid environmentalists. Global warming fanatics do specifically argue that one excellent way to save the planet is to limit or cease reproduction. Some people even brag about how they are saving the planet by not having children, even though they tend to be feminists who hate children, anyway.

And besides, if humans actually are little more than animals (specifically, animals who have “evolved” via time and chance) — which is what the environmentalist Left typically believes — then what is wrong with killing off the humans to protect the other species? If we promote the human race at the expense of other creatures, aren’t we just being speciesist against the other various planetary organisms?

Of course, there is at least one significant flaw in this environmentalist logic. That is, if humans do not have value, why should we believe that animals and plants have any value? It may not be wrong to kidnap (or murder) humans to protect animals, but under the atheistic scheme, it isn’t particularly right, either. Thus, it is hard for me to see where the haters of humanity get the idea from that the planet itself has value apart from human beings. But although this leap in logic does demonstrate a bit of craziness, the craziness clouds the minds of all environmentalists, and not merely the extreme ones who wield guns and take hostages.

The typical environmentalist solution is to abandon pure atheism and instead adopt some form of pantheistic, nature worship. If an environmentalist goes that route, then I would say he is actually not crazy to murder humans. He is merely serving his own (demonic) god in a fully rational manner. I think what we see from the dead, mockable terrorist in this instance is the tragic result of rationally following a false religion to its logical end.


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