A mere shell of a man

Let’s forget about politics for a moment and ask a personal question: Politics aside, who would you rather be — George W. Bush or Barack Obama?

Would you rather be the guy who does what he considers right regardless of polls, or the guy who says whatever the group he is with wants to hear? Would you rather be the guy who makes due with the political atmosphere that exists among most of the media, or the guy who repeatedly goes out of his way to whine about Fox News? Would you rather be the guy who carries around copies of religious literature that he actually believes in and that allows his beliefs to mold his choices, or the guy who when asked about his religion, describes how he is half Christian, half Muslim, half “eastern,” and half Jewish? Would you rather be the guy who inspires a mixture of hatred and fear among his enemies, or the guy who circles the world apologizing and bowing to everyone? Would you rather be the guy who makes up his own words because he’s the President and because he can, or the guy who pronounces things like “PAHK-ee-STAHN”?

Would you like to be a guy who refers to himself as a “mutt” and then later whines that other people talk about him like he is a dog? President Obama simply does not act like a man.

[T]his petulant child-man never can *be* a president, because he’s not a man, he’s not an adult. . . . Can you imagine G.W.Bush, whom the “liberals” *did* (and do) “talk about [as though he were] a dog,” acting-out like this in public? Can you imagine Ronald Reagan, whom the “liberals” hated, with that special passion to which only that can aspire, when he was alive, acting-out like this in public? Hell, can you imagine even Richard Nixon acting-out like this in public?

We have seen before us two male role models, but one is a positive role model and the other is a negative role model. Regardless of politics, I would rather be George W. Bush.

I think involvement in politics does always tend to weaken one’s masculinity somewhat, but Obama really takes it to the extreme.


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