Political ridiculousness

Yesterday I heard a Mike McWherter (Tennessee Democratic gubernatorial candidate) radio ad which tried to make the point that Bill Haslam (republican gubernatorial candidate) is not a true conservative like Haslam claims to be. I personally didn’t vote for Haslam so I’m no humongous fan, but what exactly is the purpose of a Democratic ad painting Republicans as not conservative enough? Is the Democrat trying to argue that he is the true conservative in the race?

If he were the true conservative, then why didn’t he run as a Republican? It is common knowledge the the Democratic National Convention is basically a communist party within the United States. And even the people who might disagree with that assessment would nonetheless agree that the Democratic party is not supposed to stand for conservatism. (Oh, I wish that it did, and that everybody were a conservative!) Many local Democrats in conservative areas will, of course, embody only watered-down versions of the Leftist platform, but they must be Leftists to one degree or another — or else they would not be Democrats.

The ad I heard makes about as much sense as Bill Haslam running an ad saying that Mike McWherton may say he is a Democrat, but he is not nearly as socialistic as he pretends. It’s like…Uhh, so? Are you saying that you, the Republican, are a socialist?

It’s humorous that even the wicked Leftists try to pretend like they are conservatives. Everyone seems instinctively to recognize that conservatism is good. The Leftists try to pretend like they are more conservative than the conservatives when the Leftists have already self-identified as rejecting what the conservatives claim to stand for. Just imagine if Adolf Hitler were running an ad where he asked:  “Jesus may claim to be a loving ruler who rejects the wanton murder of his subjects…but is he really?” I would just think, Umm who are you to even raise that issue?

Logically, I guess maybe the point of the ad could be that even the conservatives aren’t actually conservative, and that all conservatives are therefore hypocrites and that therefore conservatism is a dead philosophy. But if you hear the ad, I think you will agree that such was not the tone of the ad. Rather, the ad actually seemed to be praising conservatism — only it was a Democrat doing the praising. You see the same thing in national politics, where the Democrats will criticize the Republicans under President Bush for spending too much money. Then you’re just like, So what’s the new Democrat plan — to stop spending so much? Excellent! Oh, wait…


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