My indecision regarding hope

Lately everyone has been talking about the upcoming congressional elections which are occurring tomorrow. From what I hear, pollsters are widely predicting that Republicans will retake the House of Representatives, and the only realistic question is by how much. For the Senate, a Republican victory is a good bit less likely, but who knows for sure.

Laura Curtis, who is not overly fond of Republicans due to their lukewarm dedication to principle, nonetheless voices the fairly popular sentiment of hope for a GOP victory:

Oh, I want them to win.  I want some roadblocks thrown onto the progressive freeway.  I want it bad.  I hope the GOP will actually do that, rather than just drive in the slow lane.  And that’s it.  I’m going to continue to hope.

But even though I like the Republican Christine O’Donnell and would like to see her win the (supposedly unlikely to win) Senate race in Delaware, I am not sure how much I really want the Republicans to win a majority in the Senate. Even if the Republicans did take a majority, we would still have several lame Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOs) such as Lindsay Graham making up part of that majority and probably throwing wrenches into conservative progress. Even more importantly, the Democrats would still have the idiotic Senate filibuster rules to block any positive bills from Republicans. And of course, most certainly and concretely of all, the country would still have to suffer through the vetoes of our glorious leader, President Barack Obama.

Then in 2012, when the voters finally got a chance to rid the country of Barack Obama, the media and all the talkers would have used up almost two years reminding the country that “Well, Obama may be President, but the Republicans are running the Congress, so…blame them for your woes.” I really cannot stand the fake democracy that this country has — where even when Republicans win elections, the leftist judges or leftist filibusterers or leftist bureaucrats or leftist presidents or leftist RINOs or leftist government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) are nonetheless constantly able to exert destructive, powerful influence — and then are able to shift the blame for their leftist failures onto the Republican Party and the free market.

So given these potential problems, I do not even particularly care if the Republicans win back the Senate. In fact, I sort of hope that the Republicans wipe the floor with the House Democrats but fail to retake the Senate. But of course, I don’t have a huge amount of say in what happens, anyway. Things are in the hands of the voters tomorrow, and probably the active hands of God as well. I will mostly just have to wait and see what happens.


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