Senate schmenate

Like many Americans, I was sickened last week to find out that Senator Harry Reid of Nevada will remain a senator for six more years. Once these creeps win just one lousy election, it’s impossible to be rid of them. And for that matter, I wasn’t real thrilled that John McCain will remain in the Senate, either.

I just think it is absurd that senators get to remain in office for so ridiculously long. Who else that you vote for gets to stay in office for six years? The president gets a maximum of two four-year terms. As far as I’m aware, most governors are the same way. Congressmen have to run every two years, for crying out loud! But unlike these other offices, senators get a potentially unlimited number of six-year terms in office.

Most intelligent voters can have at least some inkling of what the President has done in his past four-year term. How many people can recall more than a single vote that their senator has cast? The president is on television all the time, after all. People in the media discuss the president’s actions. When the president runs for re-election, presumably the smartest, most articulate, most charismatic opponent from out of all 300 million Amercans can run against him and open up public debate. Which of these statements can be said of a senator?

And not only do people know very little about the way their senators vote, but senators can also hide their nay votes by merely “filibustering” items that they hope to avoid actively voting against. That way, no voter is ever the wiser.

Basically, people know nothing about their senators, yet we trust all the fools in this country so much that we let them put these people in place for six years at a time. It is absurd. When we started this country, the state legislatures got to choose senators, and that’s the way we should make things again. At least the legislatures got paid to analyze the senator’s actions and votes before deciding whether to send him back to Washington.

And if we’re not going to give power back to the state legislatures, then I hereby call for two-year terms for all United States senators.


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