Obsession with security

It seems to me that the Republicans could gain a lot of popularity by pushing a bill to abolish the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Obama has already made it fairly clear that he has no intention of curbing the TSA abuses, so he would be likely to veto such a bill, anyway. Thus, even if some of the Republicans really think that security officials should get to look at people naked, they won’t actually be undermining their position to vote for the bill. It wouldn’t actually change anything, because it would get vetoed, but it would still make them look good.

Who knows, maybe they will try it. But I don’t have a huge amount of faith in the brainpower of congressional Republicans.

Overall, I think some “conservatives” really need to get over this obsession with “national security.” It is impossible to set up a society that foils all casualties in a war against Islamist terrorism. For example, you can give your TSA agents the authority to make women take out their breast implants, but any terrorist who would go to the trouble of recruiting a woman to plant explosive chemicals in her breast implants is going to find a way to blow people up. They will just pick an easier target than an airplane. What is our obsession with protecting airplanes, anyway? Even if we make it virtually impossible to take down airplanes, all it takes to kill some people is a gun in a shopping center, or a bomb in an office building, or whatever. We can look at everyone around us naked all day long, and we still won’t be truly secure.


1 Response to “Obsession with security”

  1. 1 Kini January 10, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    National Security within reasonable bounds, I think.
    If we give up our freedoms for just a little more security, doesn’t make up any more secure. I wouldn’t mine profiling as a method of identifying potential terrorists.

    You are right, of course, determined terrorists will go after other targets, and then what? TSA in shopping Malls?

    Hope your New Year is going well. Aloha!

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