Manchurian President

Let us briefly recount President Obama’s foreign policy record:

1. Communist dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela slowly solidifies his grip over his country, periodically cracking down on dissidents and murdering enemies. Obama says nothing.

2. Iranians take to the streets after the Islamists rig the elections to allow their candidate to win. Obama says nothing until after the revolts have already been nearly crushed.

3. The Honduran Supreme Court ejects the leftist president of that country and sends him into exile after he tries to run for office for an additional term, in violation of the Honduran constitution (i.e., mimicking Hugo Chavez of Venezuela). Obama gets Hilary Clinton to speak up in favor of restoring him to power.

4. Egyptian dissidents, backed by Islamist terrorists, take to the streets in an attempt to topple their dictator, Hozni Mubarak, who is friendly to the United States. Obama instructs the dictator to avoid crushing the terrorist protesters, to play nice, and to restore Twitter to the Egyptian people so they can topple Mubarak’s reign and make war against the United States and Israel. And there are even some claims that President Obama himself is behind the Egyptian revolts:

The documents released by WikiLeaks reveal US Embassy officials were in regular contact with the activist throughout 2008 and 2009, considering him one of their most reliable sources for information about human rights abuses.
. . . .
The Egyptian government suspects elements of the current uprising there, particularly political aspects, are being coordinated with the U.S. State Department[.]

At this point in time, Obama is basically zero-for-four in terms of foreign policy. How can an educated man get to have such a horrible track record on foreign policy? It is due not to incompetence, but rather to depravity. President Obama instinctively acts on his affinity for every wicked leader in the world who is either 1) leftist or 2) Islamist or 3) Anti-American or 4) all of the above. On the other hand, if a popular revolt ever takes place against one or our enemies, or if some righteous judge removes a would-be communist dictator from power, President Obama instinctively rushes to their aid, because he feels at one with these wicked souls.

Obama is a nice-looking guy with decent rhetorical abilities who puts up an okay show for the television cameras. But basically, he is the epitome of evil. People need to get that through their heads. There really is almost nothing good to say about the man.


7 Responses to “Manchurian President”

  1. 1 Dan Trabue February 16, 2011 at 9:54 am

    I happened upon your blog and notice your conclusions (that Obama is “the epitome of evil” because he approaches human rights in a different way than say a Reagan or a Bush) and have to wonder if you don’t think that maybe you’re engaging in a bit of hyperbole?

    The epitome of evil? Really?

    Here is what Obama has said about his approach to human rights and democracy…

    “The whole notion was that if we showed courtesy or opened up dialogue with governments that had previously been hostile to us, that that somehow would be a sign of weakness,” Obama said, recalling his race for the White House and challenging his critics today.

    “The American people didn’t buy it,” Obama said. “And there’s a good reason the American people didn’t buy it – because it doesn’t make sense.”

    After decades of the John Wayne approach of “supporting” human rights by supporting dictators, oppressive regimes, thugs and terrorists (in the Reagan/Bush/Bush years), we have a president who is trying a different approach. One that I think many of your fellow citizens find refreshing and more helpful.

    Could Obama do better by criticizing Chavez, Mubarak (or the protestors?) and others more strongly? Perhaps. There’s a fine line between being soft on oppression and getting in the way of other sovereign nations.

    But many of us are tired of American interventionism. We were convicted of war crimes in Nicaragua, supported thugs and terrorists throughout Latin America and the Middle East when it suited our purposes… we have to clean up our own acts (remove the plank from our own eye, if you like biblical references) before we presume to speak too loudly. Obama is a much needed change in support of human rights and democracy, from where I sit.

    Disagree with his approaches if you want (I do at times), but this overblown demagoguery (Manchurian president, evil, depravity??) only serves to undermine your arguments.

    One man’s opinion.

  2. 2 Drew February 16, 2011 at 10:25 am

    I wasn’t saying that he is the epitome of evil just because he let Mubarak down. I was saying that his 100% erroneous foreign policy is a SYMPTOM of his Leftist, Islamist, anti-American sympathies. And given that his foreign policy is 100% wrong and demonstrates his wicked sympathies, and given that he is also 100% wrong about domestic policy (the subject of other posts), then I honestly cannot think of anything positive to say about his character. So even if you think that I am undermining my arguments by saying so, yes I consider him the epitome of evil. Evil has many forms, and some of those forms just put on a facade of respectability.

  3. 3 Dan Trabue February 16, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Just between you and me (delete this from your post, please):

    How old are you, Brother Drew, if I may be so rude to ask?

    You sound much as I did when I was a younger man, zealous to stand against any perceived evil (which, unfortunately, too often meant not ACTUAL evil but only someone who disagreed with some of my hunches).

    I’m not a super supporter of Obama. He’s an imperfect man and an imperfect president, as were those who have preceded him.

    But he’s simply not an “islamist,” nor is he “anti-American.” I’m sure that he, like Bush before him, loves his nation and wants the best for it. Unfortunately, like all of us flawed humans, he does not know how to perfectly deal with each and every situation.

    Do you think it is 100% wrong to oppose a Big Gov’t, American Adventurism, going around the globe and insisting that other sovereign nations do as we tell them?

    He supported democracy in Egypt. Do you think this is 100% wrong? Not according to American ideals. He said it was time for a dictator to step down. Do you think this is 100% wrong? Not according to American ideals.

    I fail to see how any reasonable person can make such claims which, from my point of view, makes you sound unreasonable and immature in your reasoning ability. Thus, if your goal is to try to make your case in such a way as to win support for your side, you are off to a poor start.

    Doesn’t that seem reasonable?

  4. 4 Drew February 16, 2011 at 10:49 am

    I already explained that Obama supported all the foreign leaders he should have opposed, and opposed all the leaders he should have supported. Hence, his record is 100% wrong. Then, I reasonably speculated that the reason he is 100% wrong is that his character is depraved. It’s not a leap.

  5. 5 Dan Trabue February 16, 2011 at 10:55 am

    I get that YOU think Obama should have supported the dictator, Mubarak. But that is contrary to American (and, to this Christian) Christian ideals.

    You do understand, don’t you, that just because you “explained” that your hunch is that Obama is supporting the wrong people and not supporting the right people, that this hunch does not constitute a rational adult case for a position? This is why I asked how old you are, you’re not really presenting adult reasoning.

    I wanted to know because, if you’re a child or a teenager, then I will want to leave you to your hunches and not be too harsh on you. At any rate, peace be with you, good luck with your arguments.

  6. 6 Drew February 16, 2011 at 11:01 am

    If you don’t support dictators but think Obama is a swell guy, then you have to come up with some competing explanation for why he has backed evil dictators in Venezuela, Honduras, and Iran, but then gone out of his way to oppose a pro-American dictator. You haven’t presented any explanation, and there isn’t any good one. Do you just think he is incredibly stupid (or unlucky), and his stupidity is why his batting record is currently zero (or in your mind, maybe .250)? It’s a poor explanation.

    You can determine my age from looking at the About section. But I can tell you aren’t the most observant person, because I’m having to repeat things.

  7. 7 Dan Trabue February 16, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Drew, thanks for helping me find your age. You are old enough to know better, I see, if too young to resist such bad reasoning.

    You said…

    you have to come up with some competing explanation for why he has backed evil dictators in Venezuela, Honduras, and Iran, but then gone out of his way to oppose a pro-American dictator.

    Are you serious??

    You want a reasonable explanation why Obama has gone out of his way to oppose a pro-American DICTATOR?

    You DO see the word “dictator” in your own sentence, don’t you?

    You DO get that dictators are contrary to American ideals, don’t you?

    You DO get that when we support dictators who are supposedly “friendly” to us, then we lose credibility when it comes time to oppose dictators who are NOT friendly to us?

    As to “supporting” an “evil dictator” in Venezuela (I’ll just deal with the one, for simplicity’s sake)…

    1. Obama made quite clear and I pointed it out to you that there is a difference between reaching out to bad actors and supporting them.
    2. Chavez certainly has human rights issues and Venezuela’s elections need improvement, he is not (yet, at least) a dictator, he was elected by the people and apparently enjoys at least some popular support. Very flawed leader? To be sure. Dictator? No, of course not.

    That’s what I mean: when you say patently incorrect statements like that, it’s hard to take your comments seriously.

    Is this some sort of gag blog? If you’re actually a law school graduate, then presumably you know at least a little about making arguments, so what gives? Your comments are hard to take seriously. Is this all a joke? Have I been punk’d??

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