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No more domestic disasters

I have grown fairly bored of politics and news lately. Part of my inattention to the news is because I have been busy doing law work, which sometimes stresses me out because I am still fairly new and don’t always know what I am doing. But more than that, I think the news lately has just been boring ever since the new Republican congressmen got sworn in this year. We got to hear about a week or two of news just about Gabrielle Giffords getting shot — mainly, I think, because she was pretty. Then later we got to hear a week or two or three about Charlie Sheen’s insanity. But his show basically sucked, so although his breakdown was funny, I have a little bit of a hard time seeing why people consider him important. And then since then, we have gotten to hear about three weeks straight of talk about revolution in Egypt, then two or three weeks about revolution in Libya, and of course there was the week or two about disaster in Japan.

Note that from a domestic policy standpoint, none of these events has been all that important. Maybe the moral of the story is that once Republicans take office to block continued Leftist activity, the domestic disasters and general heading off the cliff tend to die down, and hence the media have less of the exciting domestic doomsday information to report.

I guess the two or three weeks spent discussing the stupid teacher strike in Wisconsin was at least mildly important. But only mildly. And I never did find it interesting enough to warrant a post. Even listening to Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin lately has become somewhat of a chore, and I have frequently found myself changing the station to listen to music by Katy Perry, Kesha, and other somewhat annoying artists. I don’t know; maybe I am just getting too old for this politics stuff.


Intervention in Lybia for justice

Today, with regard to the bombing of Libya, I actually heard someone (who is otherwise fairly conservative) ask, “What did they ever do to us?” Some people just make truly idiotic statements in their support for isolationism.

Although I did not say it out loud, I just thought to myself, Do you mean, what did they do to us, besides murdering 270 of our people, besides just generally being a thorn in our side, and besides oppressing their own citizens? I don’t know why people love peace so much, anyway. Any time some murderous jackass overseas finally gets what’s coming to him, I just smile a little inside.

In my book, there’s no statute of limitations on certain kinds of horror. Haunt these creeps to their graves. In fact, I think it’s a little bit silly that Barack Obama took so long to get us involved.