Obama birth certificate digitally altered

Well, based on some recent comments by Ilíon, I decided to check up on the latest conspiracy theories regarding Barack Obama’s birth certificate. I was rather amazed at my findings, which came up very quickly via internet searches and via looking at the birth “certificate” myself with a close eye.

It is pretty clearly evident that the birth certificate recently offered by the White House has been digitally altered. And significantly so. All you really have to do is go to the official file, zoom in to about 6400%, and then look at the word “Barack” in “Barack Obama” to see that something has been altered. Note that the pixels on ALL the letters except the letter “R” are only one-fourth the size of the pixels in the letter R. That is, the non-R letters have four times as many pixels per area.

Also note that substantial portions of the type are computer-generated. As the following video points out, you can tell they are computer-generated and not real ink, because the pixels are all black. With real ink, you would be able to see multiple different shades of gray (as with the “R” in “Barack”!). See this point, and also other, arguably even more blatant errors, below:

As far as I can tell from looking back at news video, Obama never did actually show any reporters a physical copy of this alleged birth certificate. I doubt that one even exists. All he did was let everyone know that he had posted the PDF file on the White House website “for everyone to see.” Granted, to further the scam, I guess he could always just try printing out a copy of the PDF listed on the White House website, but that probably would not look realistic because it would be on the wrong type of paper.

Maybe I’m crazy, but this seems HUGE to me. People always say that the crime isn’t the big deal in politics; it’s the coverup. Here, regardless of what underlying crime there may be (i.e., whether Obama is eligible or foreign), it appears rather obvious that Obama is covering something up. If this news really gets out, it seems like it could be a major scandal.

Anyway, until now I’ve always considered myself healthily agnostic on this Birther issue, but this is flatly ridiculous. I don’t think I’m crazy. This whole situation is what’s insane.


2 Responses to “Obama birth certificate digitally altered”

  1. 1 Ilíon May 24, 2011 at 1:46 am

    Ah, but my point was that, whether or not that .PDF file is of an altered image:
    1) he still hasn’t actually released the birth certificate, which, according to his supporters over the years, both does and does not exist;
    2) even were he to release the actual certificate, he’s still “a day late and a dollar short;” for he was supposed to provide his Constitutional bona fides *before* the election;
    3) you and I can’t get even a minimum wage job trying to use a photocopy of our birth certificate or S.S. card, we have to provide the real thing. Notorized (in the case of the birth cert.)

  2. 2 Cookies May 24, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    Drew you are so smart.

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