Buzzed driving is drunk driving?

I frequently hear ads on the radio from the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding the issue of drunk driving. There is nothing objectionable about simply encouraging responsibility, but one particular series of recent ads really infuriates me. These ads have the tagline, “Buzz driving is drunk driving.” The ads also usually portray a supposed perpetrator (who has just caused a wreck and killed somebody) say something along the lines of, “I only had a few beers.”

Buzz driving is drunk driving? Well why don’t you tell that to the Tennessee General Assembly — because the real law actually states that you are not committing a crime unless your blood alcohol concentration is .08% or higher. Granted, even .08% is itself a bit low and should arguably be raised. But I think .07% could pretty easily qualify as being “buzzed,” yet it would clearly NOT be drunk driving according to the law. So the ads are flatly false and deceptive.

These damned nanny-staters feel like they are doing a good deed, when in reality they are just lying to the public (with our tax dollars). I don’t know whether these jackasses are actively trying to taint juries, but such tainting seems like an inevitable result of this deception. These statists are giving out the false impression that “a few beers” equals crime. But according to most of the charts I’ve seen, a few beers over about an hour and a half would still be under the limit for most men. And even if drinking an amount like that did put someone over the limit, supposedly a normal human burns up about one beer’s worth of alcohol every hour. So in such cases the proper solution would be…wait around a little bit.

But then these wicked, lying fools won’t be satisfied until alcohol is absolutely prohibited, as if we were in some Islamic caliphate or something. God made wine to make people happy. Get it through your thick skulls, you creeps. Quit trying to ruin everyone’s day.


1 Response to “Buzzed driving is drunk driving?”

  1. 1 Cookies July 8, 2011 at 9:59 am

    Islam truly is the source of all wickedness. I’m glad you can recognize that. I’m so glad you write Drew I get deep insight from each post.

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