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The intelligent ones, and their new systems

Lately via Facebook, I heard about a study that detailed how conservatives supposedly tend to have lower IQs than leftists. Obviously, the initial tendency would be for leftists to brag about such a finding. But even assuming the truth of this study, I would say that people with higher IQs probably tend to be less conservative simply because leftism is unnatural. Leftism is an ideology. For the most part, a person must be indoctrinated to become a leftist. People with high IQs spend more time in the education system becoming indoctrinated.

Leftism is based on various unnatural distortions of the world. Naturally, a person understands the importance of working for himself and keeping what he earns. It takes a system to make him believe that he must work for others, and that a bureacracy can best decide what to do with his earnings. Naturally, people understand the differences between the sexes. It takes a system to punish real masculinity and make women believe they can be men. Instinctively, people feel the need to protect themselves. It takes a police state to convince them that they should not protect themselves, but must rely on a cop on every corner — and libraries of statutes — to keep them safe. Naturally, a person is free. It takes time in the system to enslave.

Obviously, there are also some conservative institutions which are somewhat non-intuitive or unnatural, even convoluted. The idea of checks and balances in government is one example. Most of the rules of evidence are another. And even parts of the Bill of Rights are non-intuitive. But we have long passed the point of implementing convoluted conservative institutions. Anyway, most of the strange conservative fixtures have been with us so long that even the unintelligent understand them — or at least support them in ignorance. But whereas the less intelligent have trouble enough digesting the established, good institutions, the smart intellectuals of today press onward toward futuristic institutions, newer convoluted systems of slavery.