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One-upping God

Ilíon has analyzed the pope’s recent kissing of a Muslim’s feet. He says that this action constituted an attempt to one-up the morality of God. That is, Jesus washed the feet of his own people, and commanded them to serve each other. The pope, in contrast, went out of his way to serve and honor an open enemy of Jesus. Ilíon is correct.

The fact is, most political wickedness and most false religion result from a similar attempt to do better than God. God outlined in the Bible, for example, the type of government and law that God actually supports. Completely apart from biblical advice, people today (including Christians) disregard the Bible. They feel that they can set up their own legal system that is superior.

You explain that God did not advocate a government that could enforce charity. Well, the leftists say, we are more evolved than that now, and therefore we should create a socialist government.

You explain that God would criminalize adultery and other serious errors. Well, the social liberals say, we are more evolved than that now, and therefore we should tolerate wickedness the same way Jesus would. (In point of fact, Jesus apparently did rather staunchly advocate the death penalty for wickedness, in Mark 7:10).

You explain that God set up a criminal justice system based, primarily, upon pure retribution. Well, the statists say, we are more evolved than that now, and therefore we should create chapters upon chapters of new crimes to punish people who have not committed actual harm, but who simply create a danger of some sort. (The entire traffic code, with all its associated fines and its innumerable excuses for police involvement in your life, constitutes just one example.) The statists thus contend that they can do better than God, by “deterring” dangerous activity with their superior laws.

You explain that God did not advocate the garrisoning of troops to supervise the actions of the citizens. Well, the cowardly citizen says, we are more evolved than that now, and therefore since the cowardly citizen is afraid of the world, he proposes putting a police officer on every block. In my city, indeed the police are everywhere.

One could go on. But the point is, when you try to do better than God, you are basically just insulting God’s plan. And the insult simply results in a diabolical artificial system. Back in the good old days, philosophers like John Locke would actually cite biblical passages to derive their political theories. Even if a person like that got something wrong once in a blue moon, you could at least recognize that his heart was in the right place. Nowadays, the majority of churches seem to teach that God does not care about politics at all. (Today, the preacher at the church I attended explicitly said that.) Well, I guess we may as well get our politics from Satan then. That is certainly what we have been doing lately.