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Hatred for humanity

Apparently today was Earth Day. I’m not entirely sure about the point of Earth Day, but from what I hear, Earth Day calls for some traditional celebrations and rituals. For example, Earth Day requires humans  to hug a tree, and kiss an animal, and bow down before the sun and the moon and the stars. Allegedly, planting a tree on Earth Day can also actually bestow magical blessings on the planter.

Obviously, smart people (like me) know better than to follow these man-made traditions. But I can never attain satisfaction merely by freeing myself from superstition. Rather, justice requires that I communicate to others my ingenius insights. So let us go, and enlighten ourselves about the true nature of the universe.

Many people imagine that environmentalists adore the natural world, but this belief is false. Environmentalists do not love nature. In fact, environmentalists do not particularly love anything. Environmentalists actually despise the world because they see the world as flawed. Ultimately, environmentalists actually hate themselves.

Objectors will argue, “But Drew, that’s crazy; no one hates himself! These people just really like nature.” Such an objection demonstrates an obvious lack of understanding. Humans are part of the nature. Environmentalists heap praise on every part of creation other than humanity, and this discrimination shows their true disdain.

Environmentalists do not love trees or fish. Rather, they simply loathe themselves, and show it by praising the trees and fish. Consider this:  The only reason anyone prostrates himself before a non-human object, like a tree or a rock or a frog, is to make himself feel smaller. A person cannot love an inanimate object, but bowing down makes him feel humble. Environmentalists, likewise, humble themselves before the wild earth in order to cast off their human dignity.

Environmentalists invent self-destructive rituals and rules in order to punish themselves for their human imperfection. Practicing these rituals (e.g., recycling) makes an environmentalist feel better. He feels like he is atoning for his sins.

Lately, I have heard students complain about the warm temperatures in classrooms. The reason classrooms are warm is because UT has decided to “go green.” Apparently, “going green” means making the classrooms uncomfortably hot in the summer time, and making the faculty offices uncomfortably chilly in the winter. Ultimately, the important part is the human discomfort. To the self-loather, discomfort cleanses the conscience.

In politics, socialists have recently begun their push for new taxes on every industry that burns anything. Obviously, taxed industries must raise their prices to stay afloat, and everyone will suffer. Nonetheless, societal fear about the weak economy poses absolutely no obstacle to the self-loathers. In the mind of the environmentalist, destructive timing makes the tax all the more satisfying!


Basically, the environmentalist justification for the tax goes like this:
1. Burning anything creates carbon dioxide.
2. Carbon dioxide angers the earth goddess, Gaia.
3. Therefore, we can atone for our wickedness by taxing combustion, which will simultaneously impoverish our society and thereby make us feel better.

This type of self-destruction is hardly new. Ancient pagans, for example, used to sacrifice their children to the god Molech. Even throughout Christian history, pagan infiltrators besieged the church from within, promoting doctrines of hatred for humanity. These heretics attacked marital sexuality, prohibited the consumption of various foods, discouraged self-defense (which preserves the human body), and banned the drinking of alcohol. Ultimately, an ascetic will invent whatever rules he can think of to make life miserable.

The ancient heretics showed their pure hatred for humanity by denying even that Jesus himself had a human body(After all, humans are just too dirty and disgusting.) In a similar way, environmentalists attack and degrade their own species.

An ascetic practitioner is a man who hates his humanity, and the environmentalist falls into such practice. The environmentalist would rather be a disembodied nature spirit than a flesh-and-blood human. On practical matters, he allies with the wild beasts, bacteria, and trees over his own kind. Instead of accepting grace for his human imperfections, he invents new systems to punish himself. Environmentalists are sad people.


Danger, danger!

So just a little while ago, three guys apparently ran through University of Tennessee dorms, robbing people with a gun. I’m not sure about the details, but from what I heard, they struck in Reese Hall. The culprits did not actually shoot anyone, but they did initially deprive some students of property. Ultimately, the police actually apprehended two of three criminals, but not the one with the gun.




I’ve talked in the past about how local criminals view college students as sitting ducks. We all live in the same general area, we walk to and from school, parties, restaurants, bars, etc. But perhaps most importantly, none of the students are armed!

In the past, I mentioned that robberies happen frequently in the Fort Sanders area. Within the past few couple weeks, we’ve had two robberies within a block of my residence. Last year, I even got an email about an armed robbery inside a school-owned apartment. Ooh, that was embarrassing

But now look at THIS. We’re getting robbed in our own dorms! Hahaha…it’s actually pretty funny if you think about it. Well, at least I’m laughing. I imagine probably no one else is, because I sometimes have an odd sense of humor.

Fortunately, we have genuinely smart legislators like Stacey Campfield working toward intelligent goals, like allowing guns in parks, and softening the restrictions on guns at college. Un-fortunately, Stacey is but a single man…and most of the other “leaders” in our state are idiots.

Oh Tennessee, Tennessee, when will you learn?

Parties and pirates

Welcome back, readers!

So on Thursday I had my last meeting with the Graduate Student Senate. It will be nice to retire from student government once again. Later that night I ventured downtown to the one of the Sundown in the City free concerts. The band was called “Cowboy Mouth,” and they were fairly entertaining. Despite their name, they were only slightly country-ish.

Last night my roommates and I went to the Barrister’s Gala. It was relatively exciting. I made it a point to don my white suit.

In other news this week, the Somali pirates have declared war on American shipping. Apparently, we had no right to rescue our sailor, and they are furious that we did so. Haha, idiots.

Ron Paul has advocated that Congress start giving out “letters of marque” to private citizens, so citizens can hunt down pirates. If implemented, the plan would probably also offer bounties for the heads of pirates. Now wouldn’t that be fun! I could buy a ship and some rocket launchers, and become a PIRATE HUNTER. Dang, too bad the bill would never pass.


Lately, I’ve been examining the relationship between paganism, early Christian heresies, and political liberalism. Soon, I will have to enlighten you all with my findings.

High-seas Horror

Anyone who kidnaps another
and either sells him
or still has him when he is caught
must be put to death.
~ Exodus 21:16

News has seemed a little dull lately. Barack Obama continues to drag the country into the abyss at break-neck speed.

The big story over the weekend, though, was the kidnapping of an American ship captain. Somali pirates captured him and held him for ransom.

If I had been in charge, I probably would have just blown up the pirate ship and hoped the captain survived, with enough energy to swim and be rescued. Fortunately, I suppose, cooler heads prevailed, and they sent in some Rambo-esque Navy Seals to rescue the American. They killed three pirates and captured the leader (who is 16 years old)


Imo, Somalia is one of the biggest hellholes on the planet. We should encourage our good ol’ pals Ethiopia to invade them. Assimilate them into civilized society, for their own good.

It’s ridiculous that we have to worry about pirates 200 years after Thomas Jefferson eliminated our last pirate threat. These terrorists should be hunted down and sent to Davy Jones’ locker.

Life for life

I went to Franktown over the weekend and relaxed a bit over the holiday. While I was at home, I went to see Taken, starring Liam Neeson. It was pretty hard-core movie about a father who embarks on a quest to retrieve his kidnapped daughter from the sex-slave industry. I would definitely give the movie two thumbs up. Its greatness almost approached the wonder of Rambo.

Lots of kidnappers get destroyed in this movie. In my humble opinion, kidnappers should generally receive the death penalty, so I considered these homicides to be justice in the purest form.

The movie has been out for a while, but if you get the chance to see it before it leaves theaters, go for it!

Isn’t she just ADORABLE?

Sometimes I really ask myself why I make Yahoo my homepage for Internet Explorer. During class the other day, I saw this story about Michelle Obama right when I opened up my web browser:

Mrs. Obama clearly made an impression with the 82-year-old monarch — so much that the smiling queen strayed slightly from protocol and briefly wrapped her arm around the first lady in a rare public show of affection.

Oh, isn’t Michelle just amazing?! Anyone who can “charm” the QUEEN of England (an old lady who leeches off England’s tax dollars) must be sent directly from heaven!

Britain G20 Summit

Seriously, why does England even have a queen? What is the queen, except  a glorified Paris Hilton? She is essentially famous for doing nothing. Of course, I’m actually being unfair to Paris Hilton with that comparison:  At least Paris Hilton accomplished something to become famous, if you count making a sex tape and later singing a hit pop song.

And at least Paris Hilton isn’t too stuck up to touch somebody without making headlines.

When the former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating put his arm around the queen in 1992, the tabloids dubbed him the “Lizard of Oz.” When his successor, John Howard, was accused of doing the same, a spokesman insisted: “We firmly deny that there was any contact whatsoever.” In 2007, President George W. Bush gave the queen a sly wink during a visit she paid to the United States.

Can the Queen of England even sing? I doubt it. Let’s get rid of this broad. Considering 1) her reaction to Michelle Obama and 2) her tendancy to soak up other people’s tax wealth, she’s probably a liberal, anyway.